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Welcome to Mission:Money.

A roadmap to financial wellness
for the mission-minded.

We’re on a mission.

We know you are too – and that it doesn’t necessarily afford you time to understand, let alone take charge of, your finances. We launched Mission:Money to fix that. This new resource is dedicated entirely to financial wellness for nonprofit professionals. Presented by the Georgia Center for Nonprofits and our partners, we’re here to help you master your money issues.

We know finances can be hard to think about, and even harder to face. But understanding them, and how you approach all things “money,” is the first step toward financial wellness. That means much more than just balancing your checkbook: It means you’re positioned to fully meet financial obligations, feel secure about your financial future, and handle changes along the way.

Let’s take the first step, together.

Finances are a big topic, so we’ve broken it down for you – step by step – beginning with your financial foundation and how to establish it. Tackle the rest of these resources according to your priorities, whether that’s understanding taxes, learning to use credit, planning for retirement, insurance concerns, affording education, making big purchases, or evaluating employer benefits.

Along the way, we’ll highlight unique opportunities available to you as a nonprofit employee. You’ll learn about your eligibility for programs that boost retirement savings, reduce (or forgive!) your student loan burden, and more.

For a deeper dive, check for upcoming learning events produced by Mission:Money and our partners, all free and open to the entire nonprofit community.

Your path to financial wellness starts here.

Establishing a strong foundation

Managing your finances has very little to do with math skills and a lot to do with learned behaviors. Establish these three key practices, and you’ll have the fundamentals in place to become – and remain – financially well.

Insuring yourself and your family

Having adequate insurance coverage provides critical financial protection in the event of illness, injury, or liability. So it’s important to understand what your employer offers and what, specifically, your insurance covers. This overview of insurance coverage – from health and disability to home, auto, and renters – will help you navigate the options.

Preparing for retirement

It’s easy to put off retirement planning for another day, but the sooner you start investing, the better off you’ll be – and working in nonprofits means you’re in a position to benefit from some unique retirement and savings opportunities. Learn how you can leverage them for outsized benefits later.

Managing your taxes

Don’t wait until tax time to start thinking about taxes. With knowledge and a bit of prep, you can tailor your tax obligations to benefit your bottom line. Take the time to understand your filing options: How you approach tax preparation can be a game-changer in terms of your paycheck and refund.

Funding education

Paying for college is a heavy lift. Fortunately, financial assistance options, ranging from grants and scholarships to a variety of loans, can ease the strain. And if you’re looking for help to pay off student debt, you’ve come to the right place!

Making credit work for you

When responsibly managed, credit cards are the fastest and simplest way to build a credit history, giving you the ability to take out low-interest loans for big purchases. Learn how you can win at the credit game.

Planning for big purchases

Big purchases are big deals, requiring significant planning, budgeting, and saving so that you don’t wind up with debt you can’t manage. Here’s a guide to help you understand the world of loans, along with handy planning tools.

Evaluating employer benefits

The rewards of nonprofit work go beyond your satisfaction in making a difference: A complete benefits package could include much in terms of training, assistance, flexible scheduling, and more – all critical to keeping you happy in a highly demanding field.

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