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Funding education

Paying for college is a heavy lift. With year-over-year tuition increases, costs seem increasingly unapproachable. Fortunately, many foundations, organizations, and the U.S. government are ready to provide financial assistance. With options ranging from grants and scholarships to a variety of loans, your dreams of putting yourself or your children through college are attainable.

More than one in 10 Americans carry some type of student loan debt. Student loans are, in fact, the second largest form of consumer debt, behind only mortgages. Whether you are paying off student loans or considering them, you need to know what help is available to you, and the programs you can take advantage of as a nonprofit employee.

Federal vs. private loans

When you have exhausted your free money opportunities with scholarships and grants, the next option to consider is a student loan. Learn which type of loan will offer you the most benefits.

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