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Managing your taxes

Though death and taxes are often cited as the twin inevitabilities of the human condition, the truth is that you can exert some control over how the government taxes you, and when. Most people don’t think about taxes until early April, when they are bombarded by reminders of the mid-month deadline. Whenever it is that taxes begin weighing on your mind, you’ll find that a little bit of knowledge about the process, and some preparation beforehand, can go a long way toward making the tax season less stressful. You might even start looking forward to it – especially if there’s a refund involved.

Understanding your W-4

Though simple, this 10-line form inspires plenty of headaches for people starting new jobs. Here’s how to get to the one line that’s key to the amount that shows up on your paycheck.

Tax filing basics

Filing your taxes can be simple or stressful, depending on your knowledge of the process. It can even be profitable, if you’re owed a state or federal refund.

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